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Optique Optometry Loves Corona, CA

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Here at Optique Optometry, we are proud of the role we play in providing eye care here in Corona. But our love doesn't end with eye care here in Corona! We love the city as much as the people! Here are a few reasons Optique Optometry's Eye Doctor and Eye Care Team love Corona, CA!


  • Image result for corona californiaCorona is often known as "The Gateway to The Inland Empire," because we have easy access to many of
    California's greatest cities, such as Los Angeles!
  • From the historical Butterfield Stage Station to the Corona Founders Historical Marker, Corona has many historical sites to see, and engage with Corona's long history.
  • Corona is also host to some of the United States' best known companies, such as Monster Beverage, the producers of Monster Energy Drink.-Corona also has a great mix of cultures within our city. We have large White, Hispanic and African-American communities, alongside Native-American, Asian and Pacific-Islander communities as well!
  • We are also big fans of the Arts Alive Council, here in Corona, which oversees arts and culture projects to promote public awareness! Members include the Corona Symphony Orchestra, Circle City Chorale, Christian Arts and Theater, and Corona Dance Academy.

Be sure to have your yearly eye exam with us, so you don't miss out on all the incredible sights and experiences here in Corona! For more information about Corona Eye Care, come visit us today!